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    About us

    Solodko and Partners, Attorneys at Law, was founded in 2005. At  the present time it is considered as one of the most rapidly developing Ukrainian law firms in the fields of court practice and criminal defense. Besides the traditional fields of law, Solodko and Partners provides a range of exclusive legal support services.Court practice has always been regarded as one of the main activities of our group. Knowledge of law and extensive experience of our lawyers enable us to represent clients in the courts of all degrees of jurisdiction providing advice for civil, economic, administrative and criminal proceedings. We practice the legal defense based on individual approach to the clients, taking into consideration any  all the peculiarities of each specific case and holding the principles of professional ethics.

    At the present time, no one can be immune from the criminal prosecution. A lot of cases connected with the criminal offenses the investigative authorities are trying to blame the managers of various enterprises, are considered in by courts. But it does not mean that there is no way to prevent the possible risks of criminal prosecution in relation to business owners or managers. The Specialized Collegiums for Criminal Defense – a unique body in Ukraine – was created exactly with the aim (with the aim of protecting the rights) to protect the rights of our clients. Attorneys- Collegium’s members have won a number of proceedings due to the ability to work across both criminal and commercial laws.

    Cooperation with our lawyers and attorneys will allow you not only to respond effectively to the issues that require professional solutions, but also significantly reduce the risks due to the  objective and proactive diagnosis of the problem issues at the earliest stages. All lawyers of the firm are professionals in their field and their skills level allows us to provide our clients with prompt solutions to the arising problems.

    The current situation in the world economy makes the countries of the Arab East one of the priority areas to cooperate with.  The revival of a number of Arab countries results in necessity of expanding of cooperation in the spheres of trade-finance, energy efficiency, investments, finance, tourism, etc. In this regard, we offer our clients another unique service: Solodko and Partners is the only Ukrainian Law Group which specializes in the interaction with the countries of the Arab East. We have gained the extensive experience and established professional contacts with our partners and clients in the Arab East countries and we are glad to provide you with full package of advisory services related to setting up of business contacts and further support of deals with partners from the Arab countries.

    One more problem faced by all businesses, is a growing wave of corporate raids and illegal acquisitions. Rapid and competent legal assistance is extremely important under such conditions. To ensure the safety of our clients we provide them with business security services. On request of the client Upon client’s request, our specialists are ready to conduct an audit of the existing security system of the company and if necessary to reorganize and improve the corporate system of business security. By our experience, effective security system can significantly reduce business risks, prevent losses and help to avoid litigations and penalties from the side of inspection authorities.

    Additional guarantee of the professional attitude and responsibility of all our lawyers is the signing and constant implementation of the Ethical Rules of doing business in the field of jurisprudence, as well as the active position of Solodko and Partners in the social sphere. As the member of the All Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Bar Association”, we develop and implement new social projects aimed at the development  developing  of the legal profession assisting law students in their studying and future professional activity, as well as the projects aimed at to social adjustment and formation of legal consciousness among orphaned children. Our partners occupy the major positions in professional non-governmental organizations. Elena Sotnik is the Member of the Board of Solodko and Partners and she is also chairs the Kiev City branch of the Ukrainian Bar Association. Evgeniy Solodko is the Member of the Board of Ukrainian Lawyers Association and he is the Head of the Criminal Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association. Solodko and Partners Law Firm  is the member of Eurojuris Ukraine Association (branch of Eurojuris International) involving the leading law firms across Europe that conduct their business according to the international standards of quality and professionalism.